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Editing Logo Templates in the Arpeggio Font Duo


Basic Information

Hi guys, here’s a quick look at editing the Photoshop and Illustrator logo templates included with my Arpeggio Font Duo. In this Fonts you will get 6 of the pre-designed templates and edit the text & colours to create my own custom logo designs. Check out the font in my store!

What are the benefits you get by purchase my arpeggio font

So far many of people or designers need logo for they requirement, most of them sometimes feel confused to start designing a logo design for their brand needs, on this occasion I try to facilitate you by just editing the logo template of my design both from the color and text contained in the logo. I have prepared 6 examples of logos that you can edit to suit your needs. This makes it easier for you and shortens your time from thinking about design to completion.

Check out the font in my store below!

Cover 15 1024x681

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